How do I know if I am culturally fit for a workplace?

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A typical journey from candidacy to accepting the job offer can be a nerve-wracking one. Not only there is stress of the interviews lined-up but also to understand as much as possible about the role, career growth potential and salary benchmarking before making the big decision. In this article, we want to talk about an often understated but critical aspect which needs to be researched before saying yes, and that is the company culture. The kind of company culture you might become a part of can define how your day-to-day life would be like, the potential career progression path you might embark upon and your overall experience working there. Read on to know what you can do get insights on company culture to see how can fit in.


Get to know your boss

Your job satisfaction can depend a lot on the rapport you share with your boss. Try having a good & lengthy conversation with your prospective manager about their vision for the team, about how will your career path be defined to get an understanding of the kind of work they expect out of you and what it will be like to work with them.


Speak to your prospective colleagues

Another way of understanding the people aspect of the company is to speak to your prospective colleagues. Get to know as many co-workers as possible whom you’ll be forming your key working relationships with. Try to have a casual conversation to know what their typical workday is like, what are they currently working on, what are they hoping to achieve or any challenges they face in the usual course of work. If you identify motivated people who have been with the company for a long time, that can be a very good signal.


Check out company’s social media profiles

Social media has become a primary channel through which employers reach out to external stakeholders to portray their culture. You could check out your potential employer’s social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Viewing their posts can give you a peek into company’s activities, team outings and other published content. Additionally, to obtain a more in-depth look, you could also review company's ratings and comments on Glassdoor, where past and present employees share their experience working with the company and management.


Ask questions

The final step in understanding a potential employer’s company culture is to ask them about the work environment during the interview. Some great questions could include the following:

- How would you describe the company culture?

- What would a typical day-to-day look like?

- Do people engage in team activities together?

- Who would I be working the closest with and would it be possible to meet them?

- What key traits are essential for filling this role?

These questions should help you figure out the company is the right fit for you and if you can see yourself there in the long-term.


Be introspective

Once you have done all your research and collected information, it’s time to do sit back and look at the bigger picture. Introspect about whether the potential company is a place where you could see yourself thrive and grow, and how could you fit in here. Check in with your gut feeling to know how you feel about making the change and if you are looking forward for what the job entails. Lastly, trust your judgement and go ahead and make the decision.


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