Are banks good employers?


How is the bank industry reputation nowadays? Is working in a bank now radically different from when the industry's position didn't suffer due the financial crisis?

The truth is that the banking industry's received harsh criticism recently. Furthermore, are job seekers really turning their back on the banking sector to pursue careers in other types of industries?

Almost all banks are investing in training and development programmes in order to increase their chances of attracting and retaining high-calibre professionals.

A number of commentators persist in suggesting that banks are no longer considered attractive employers, and that the industry will continue to suffer a ‘brain-drain” - failing to appeal to the “best of the best” at an entry level due to its involvement in the financial crisis.This theory makes sense to the masses, but is definitely being tested in practical terms when jobseekers weigh up their options between working for a bank or chasing down opportunities in other industries, and is not true.

Banking is still a good choice of industry. In our experience, this are the main three reasons why people are still choosing banking :

Opportunities for international experience

Overseas postings and international moves are still more prevalent amongst professionals who work in banking and are not limited to senior roles. In contrast we find commercial companies either less able or less willing to move their people.

Access to innovation and technology

Banks are still the leaders when it comes to investing in technology and encouraging innovation, so professionals in banking can access to cutting-edge programs and tools, and often have the chance to work on more interesting and challenging projects. Recently banks have made huge investments in the online space, with new programs and application design a valuable addition to any resume.

Opportunities for training and development

Training will vary depending on the role but will usually include on-the-job experiences, peer coaching, coaching and development discussions with managers, secondment and project opportunities, as well as formal learning, including online and face-to-face.

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