Guide to video & Skype interviews


As the search for talent becomes increasingly global and mobile, you probably find that you are getting more invitations for video conference and Skype interviews. Being able to interview comfortably over a web camera or on Skype is an essential skill to have nowadays.




Besides practising in front of a web camera, how else can job seekers prepare for an online interview? We spoke to some of the world’s top employers and hiring managers who offer these expert tips to help you score that virtual interview.


Make sure you are in a distraction-free and business-like setting. Set up two task lights on either side of the computer and test the lighting angles to ensure the light is flattering to your skin tones. Keep a notepad and pen or pencil handy to take brief notes during the interview, and never assume the camera is off.


Choose a professional username. Dress professionally as if you are going into a real interview (which this is). Dark colour are best for video conferences; add a touch of colour but avoid large areas of red, bright whites, as well as plaid, stripes and overly busy patterns.

Look into the camera, not at the monitor, to make eye contact, and make sure the interviewer can see your body language.


Use hard cable internet access if possible for more stable connection. Test your camera, microphone and speaker before the interview to ensure everything works properly. Have your resume and reference files handy in case the interviewer do not have it.

During the interview

Maintain eye contact, sit up straight and speak naturally. Stay calm if you run into technical issues such as weak connection. Use your note but always focus on the interviewer. Look into the camera, not at the monitor, to make eye contact, and make sure the interviewer can see your body language.

Finishing the interview

Summarise your main points, thank the interviewer for his or her time and ask about next steps. Pay attention to the time without obviously glancing at your watch and follow the interviewer’s cues that the session is drawing to a close.

For more detailed tips, please download Robert Walters Video Conferencing & Skype Interview Guide.

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