Rachel Wang: Life is like a box of chocolates


2018 is the 10th year anniversary of Robert Walters China and it’s also the 10th year since Rachel Wang joined the company. Ten years is definitely not a short period of time for a career in recruitment. And during the past ten years, Rachel grew from a consultant to the Head of Robert Walters Shanghai & Suzhou, and led her team to a record year in 2017. 

My success is built on a good foundation

Robert Walters is a global leading recruitment specialist. In China, we have 10 years’ experience recruiting the highest-calibre bilingual professionals. For our consultants, we provide structured training programmes on all aspects of becoming a successful consultant as well as mentoring from senior members of staff. Rachel finds this very useful to her career progression. 

Teamwork and intelligence win championships

In addition to the access to abundant resources, working in a good company allows you to collaborate with outstanding people and insightful environment.

"Unlike most of our competitors, we are running a non-commission business model and relying on our teamwork to make sure all the candidates get the roles they want."

"We are like a family outside of work and we have a lot of fun from time to time, supporting each other for different challenges we face. Working with a group of like-minded people really make work environment much more enjoyable - I think everyone will agree with that!"

Building a career in recruitment is like running a marathon

"Instead of attempting such a grueling race on a whim, you would undergo weeks of intense training, gradually strengthening your body all the while. The same applies to client relationship building, the trust from every single client and candidate does not happen overnight." said Rachel.   

"A good company branding could be a door opener for you, but you still need to make effort to maintain those relationships effectively. Some of the consultants may have worked in this industry for years yet cannot make a breakthrough - one of the reasons is they lose contact of old friends while making new friends, and as a result, they found themselves making no progress at all. "

Ten years onwards, Rachel now wears a lot of hats from a recruiter to being a true leader. One thing perhaps she didn’t expect, she met her husband in Suzhou when he was working there as an expatriate!

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." Rachel said, laughingly.  

If you would like to get more information about joining Robert Walters, please contact Emily Liu emily.liu@robertwalters.com.cn


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