How we deliver diverse and inclusive candidate shortlists:


Continuously developing diverse talent pipelines

We continuously strive to build and develop our network of diverse talent. With a number of strategies in place, a dedicated market and data analysis team and as experts on LinkedIn, we are dedicated to building diverse candidate pools, even when not on assignments. The journey to finding a new job varies significantly from individual-to-individual, with factors such as age and gender of a candidate having an impact on where they search for their next role. We use a range of tools, including video technology, advanced testing platformsmulti-channel advertising and partnerships/events, to target professionals from all backgrounds that have the right skills for the job. 

Our commitment to skills-based CVs

During the candidate screening process, we are able to anonymise CVs to mitigate risks of unconscious bias. Adopting a skills based CV approach enables us to focus more on an individual’s transferable skills and experience, widening our search and allowing us to consider a more diverse selection of professionals than if the search is solely based on job title and qualifications.

Innovation within diversity and inclusion

Robert Walters Innovation team is focused on using innovative technology to improve both our recruitment and diversity processes. Ranging from market leading video interview technology to new ways to assess talent and going beyond the CV. This means we are at the forefront of trialling any tech or innovation that may better provide clients with diverse and inclusive talent pools. As an added value service, our Innovation team is also able to advise businesses on their own D&I strategy.

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