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Bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers in Greater China, Robert Walters Greater China Leaderhsip Series aim to share thier passion and visions on what they care for. So whether you’re an industry leader or just looking for inspiration, our series has something for you.

Please come back from time to time as we will continue to produce and upload more interview videos throughout the year. 

Leaders under 40

Young leaders under 40 that make a difference in the success of their companies or making positive contributions to the society, validating the adage that “Age is but a number”.

Asim Hussain, Co-founder of Black Sheep Restaurants

As the world’s youngest restaurateur to hold two Michelin Stars in 2018, what motivates Asim Hussain to succeed and keep moving despite the changing restaurant landscape under COVID-19? Find out how he did that.

Anson Suen, CEO & Co-founder, FundPark (Cantonese interview) 

What will drive you to leave your comfort zone and enter your 'growth zone" which you truly live your dreams and set new goals? It's always easier said than done, but Anson successfully achieved this in his 20s.  

Driving diversity & inclusion 

Leaders that are active in driving D&I - both in their own companies and in the parts of the community they influence, including but not limited to those having a vested interest in assuring the community is both inclusive and equitable and setting an example to accelerate building inclusive and agile cultures.

New videos are coming, please stay tuned. 

Leading changes and innovations 

Leaders that initiated or led digital or non-digital focused innovation in the organisations positive and transformative changes, including those that reshaped the culture of the workforce that leads to growth and success and implemented innovation which resulted in transformative improvements.

Sam Xia Xinyue, Chief Operation Officer, Goodbaby International (Language: Mandarin)

Growing from a local Chinese brand to an international listed company, Goodbaby has never stopped driving innovation and changes in the child product sector. Sam Xia, COO and Executive Director of the Board will share find how his team has uphold the core values set up by Goodbaby's founder, and at the same time create new values for customers and employees, and to pave way for collaborative innovation.

Jacqueline Teo, One of the leading women in Technology in Hong Kong

The tech industry in Hong Kong and across the world remains male dominated. As one of the top female leaders in Tech, Jacqueline Teo will share with us her motivations and her advice for emerging women leaders. Watch this video and get inspired!