Our market intelligence benchmarking team use a wide variety of data sources, combined with a methodical approach, to deliver a unique approach to recruitment. Using our established data model, we evaluate the availability of professionals to ensure our searches find the best talent through data led marketing campaigns.

What problems does the Talent Mapping and Competitor Analysis service solve?

Many organisations want to learn more about where the top candidates for their market are located across the country, including key candidate behaviours and preferences as well as overall hiring demands for certain roles, particularly when it comes to the actions of your top competitors.

Few employers have access to data tailored specifically to their business; this can be an invaluable guide to combat potential issues affecting overall business success, including:

Inaccurate target marketing

Without the ability to see and compare market positions, businesses are unable to identify where to target recruitment efforts, risking time and money being spent in ineffective areas.

Prolonged recruitment processes

A lack of understanding around current market trends can lead to unrealistic expectations on where to find top talent, and what that talent looks like, extending the search process.

Top talent lost to competitors

Without gaining information through a talent mapping process, companies risk failing to develop competitive compensation packages that ensure they can attract top candidates.

What are the key benefits of the Talent Mapping and Competitor Analysis service?

Bridge the pay gaps in your organisation, with data that's relevant and non-biased. Using our established data model we evaluate the availability of professionals to ensure our searches find the best talent through data led marketing campaigns across job advertising, social media and pro-active headhunting.

Learn how you compare to competitors

Our data-backed analysis will help you to identify how your business is performing in terms of attraction and retention rates, compared these to similar organisations in the market.


Find out where competitors obtain talent 

In this candidate-short market, we can locate talent with transferable skills and where competition have located their talent, as well as where they are obtaining their funding.


More educated search of the market

We will locate in-demand talent, specifically relating to the candidates you are searching for. We can also uncover competitor organisational structures and movements.

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Whether you are looking to diversify your workforce, grow your team, find in demand skills, or relocate a business function, we can make your hiring strategy thrive through a data led approach.

Our market intelligence team use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to deliver a unique approach to recruitment.

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Our service lines include:

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Benefit Benchmarking
  • Salary and Inflation Research
  • Talent and Market Mapping
  • Competitor Analysis

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Benefits of partnering with Robert Walters Market Intelligence team

Our agile mindset allows us to build collaborative partnerships with businesses to provide tailored, custom-made research that meets their specific requirements, allowing businesses to leverage on our sophisticated global research team, the latest market software, diverse & broad candidate network and subject-matter experts.

We use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to ensure the accuracy and validity of our data, with in-depth statistical rigour to provide strong market analysis.