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5 expert tips for your next IT interview

Technology is an exciting area to work in but getting the interview right can be a challenge for even the best candidates.

Accepting a counter offer

As employers want to retain good quality staff, professionals are increasingly likely to be presented with a counter offer when they announce their resignation.

How to impress at appraisals

Appraisals can be a nerve wrecking or uncomfortable experience for you, here are some tips on how to impress your boss at appraisals.

Being an electrical engineer

Interested in becoming an electrical engineer? Due to the green energy sector, the demand for these positions is on the rise, but what does it actually involve?

Being an IT business partner

IT BP have emerged as a rapidly growing area as companies look to utilize their IT teams for key functions. We look at the background and key skills needed.

Being a finance business partner

As a finance business partner, you’ll be expected to play a key role in driving the business forward. Look this in more detail and find out which are the skills required for it.

Negotiating your salary

Understanding the company's situation and your value by gathering as much information as possible will ensure a successful salary negotiation.