How to boost your internal profile at work

Soft skills in the age of automation

Are you ready for the next career step within your current employer or are you looking to be given more responsibilities in your current position?

When on the lookout for a new challenge, making sure you are visible within your organisation can be a crucial way to ensure you’re first in line when future opportunities arise. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra work to catch your manager's attention. The following 4 tips are a quick and easy way for you to boost your internal profile and help you on your path to career progression.

1. Volunteer and contribute

Volunteer on a new project or lend a hand to a team you’ve never collaborated with before. As long as the additional tasks do not make you get behind on your own work, this is an excellent way to highlight your motivation, attitude and skills. Look for ways outside your day-to-day role that can help you increase your visibility and demonstrate leadership. For example, you could volunteer to organise a corporate event or help to coordinate an office move or implement a new process. This will raise your profile within the company and earn you the reputation of someone who can be relied on in a variety of situations, potentially allowing you to be considered when new opportunities arise.

2. Improve your knowledge and skills

New skills and qualifications can set you apart from colleagues. It will further enhance your confidence and capabilities and demonstrates to your employer that you have an eagerness to learn. Many training programmes offer part-time, long distance or weekend courses to work with your schedule. Some employers may even have a budget for training and employee development, and can fund a course that will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

3. Attend company events

Make it a point to show up to company events – from informal after work drinks to large corporate seminars. Your employer will appreciate the additional time and effort you put into the company and it will also give you the chance to meet and make connections with people at all levels of the organisation, including top earners. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from them, they have been where you are and can advise you on how to get to where they are.

4. Make the most of your appraisals

Performance reviews are the perfect opportunity for you to ask for constructive feedback, discuss your progression and set future goals and targets. If your employer doesn’t currently offer appraisals, or if it’s been over 12 months since your last one, ask for a formal review.
Before you sit down with your manager, make a list of targets you’ve met, projects you’ve worked on and positive feedback you’ve received for your work. If there are areas you think you still need to work on, it’s okay to mention these too. This will show your employer that you want to strengthen your skills and are open to guidance.

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