Igniting passion for your career


Have you ever wondered how some of the best musicians in the world can produce amazing performances in their recitals and concerts, over and over again, as though it was their first time? Or how an actor can perform the same play in a theatre day after day? It comes down to the fact they have passion for what they do. And, every day they perform, they rediscover that passion. Your stage may be your office, rather than a concert hall, but you can still find the passion for your chosen career.

Love what you do

One way to rediscover your passion is remembering what got you into doing your job in the first place. Which aspects of your career are you truly passionate about? Is it meeting new people? Closing business deals? Travelling to other countries? Or having the freedom to exercise your creativity?

Corporate life can undervalue passion, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Take pride in what you love doing, and pursue it relentlessly.

Stay curious, always

Many people feel stuck in their careers because they are not learning anything new. One of the ways to keep that motivational flame in you going is to constantly fuel it with ideas, information and news relevant to your work. Even if you are the best in the industry, there is always something to learn, and if you aren’t, there is always something that you can learn to do much better than your peers or your competitors.

Try something new

Changing the way you work, mixing with new people – even varying your work routine can have an impact on how you work and how you feel about your work. It may be impractical to change the major constituents of your working day – but even minor tweaks could make a difference.

If you normally have lunch at your desk – take a walk so you have a change of scene. If you don’t like speaking up at meetings, force yourself to make a contribution. Do something you’ve not done before – the results could surprise you!

Mix with like-minded people

You will be surprised at the amount of positive energy you can get from being in the same room as like-minded professionals; people who share the same career dreams or interests as you do. There is something inspiring about listening and talking to others in the same industry or job (who may be equally enthusiastic or even more passionate about their work than you are), and hearing about their experiences first hand. The excitement they exude when they talk about their work is often extremely contagious. And if they can enjoy their work this much, there is no reason why you can’t as well.


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