How to retain your millennial workforce


Children born in the 1980’s and 1990’s are set to make up the majority of your workforce by 2025 and are already an important part of the working population.

Understanding what matters most to millennials could help you to attract and retain the brightest and best people for your business. Here we discuss if millennials are really that different from the rest of your workforce and what you can do to retain them.


Clear and rapid career progression 

We surveyed over 500 professionals and our key finding was that millennials place a much bigger weighting on career progression than any other group. Millennials want more than just a job, they want a career, with 69% citing a clear career path as the most important factor for keeping them in a job. 91% expect rapid career progression. Our latest research shows that even small changes can maximise millennials’ effectiveness as employees, potential leaders and minimise workplace conflict.  

This is more than the ambition of youth, this generation has grown up being told they are capable of achieving anything and this confidence means they crave responsibility early in their careers. 

Chris Hickey, CEO of UK and EMEA says: “Millennial workers have much in common with their older colleagues in terms of what engages them however, employers risk disconnecting with their millennial workers if they fail to acknowledge the importance they place on career progression.”  

If you can’t offer what your millennials want, be clear about the path to get to the next level and keep talking to them about what is and isn’t possible - open dialogue will go a long way.  

What keeps millennials engaged at work?