Upskilling drives hiring in Southern China in 2016


Southern China market overview 2016

In 2016, we anticipate stable hiring levels with demand mainly driven by replacement and strategic hiring. As the market landscape continues to evolve, professionals who are adaptive and can react to changes in the market quickly will be highly sought after by companies across sectors.

Due to a slowing economy, professionals will be less likely to command significant salary increases in 2016. Some are willing to accept the same salary to move to a more promising company or position. However, strong candidates with in-demand skill sets may still be able to receive increments as high as 20-30% when switching jobs.

Accounting & Finance overview

As achieving cost efficiency remains a key focus for companies in Southern China, accounting and finance professionals with experience in cost control and internal audit will be most in demand in 2016. Commercial acumen and financial planning & analysis are also sought-after skill sets, as organisations increasingly look for candidates who can approach issues from a commercial perspective and help steer the strategic direction of the business.

Supply Chain overview

In the supply chain function, quality assurance and control candidates will be in high demand as companies seek to move away from low-end manufacturing and enhance their product quality. Professionals with in-depth understanding of overall supply chain management will also be sought for their ability to help identify areas of cost saving. Apart from technical skills, hiring managers will also look for professionals with good English communication skills and leadership qualities as succession planning is an emerging priority for many companies.

Professionals who are adaptive and can react to changes in the market quickly will be highly sought after.


Engineering & Operations overview

Product development is high on the agenda for manufacturers as they aim to increase their profit margins by developing more diverse and high-quality product offerings. As a result, engineering and research and development (R&D) specialists with solid technical backgrounds will remain highly sought after, particularly those who have experience working overseas in hi-tech companies.

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