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Recruitment firms have access to the best jobs in the market with the biggest companies, so if you have a close relationship with your recruitment consultant, it could mean the difference between being successful in getting the right job for you and not even being aware that it exists. But how do you get what you want from a recruiter? 



Treat the initial meeting as a job interview

Most recruitment consultancies will want to meet you in person before formally putting you forward for an interview. While the meeting will not be as intense or probing as a formal job interview, you will still need to come across as professional and employable.

Bear in mind that a consultant’s reputation with their client (the recruiting company) is at stake when they put a professional forward for a job. So he or she will want to make sure that you will perform well when you meet the recruiting manager in person.

Be clear about what you want

Job seekers who approach recruitment consultancies are obviously looking for a career change. But for many, this is all they are sure about. While it’s good to be open to new opportunities, it’s best to do some research and have a good think about the type of job you want next. This will mean recruitment consultants won’t waste their time – or yours - suggesting roles that you have no real interest in. It will also help you to develop a closer working relationship.

Keep in touch

You should also take advantage of every opportunity available to develop the relationship. We often host networking evenings for HR people so if you’re invited to one of these types of events, try your best to attend. This will not only keep you at the front of our mind, but it’s also a great opportunity to find out about the latest jobs available.

Recruitment consultants meet a lot of talented HR professionals each and every week. So make sure you keep in touch with a weekly phone call or e-mail. 

Take advantage of their knowledge

Make sure you tap into your recruitment consultant’s knowledge as much as you can. They work close to the HR jobs market every day so they will be able to tell you about roles that are available and the types of skills employers are looking for at any given time.

When you do get an interview, ask your consultant about the interviewer as your recruitment consultant will know him or her so will be able to give you some pointers about what to expect. Read our article on how best to prepare for a job interview for further advice. Although this knowledge will by no means secure you a job, it will help you to prepare well, ensure you play to your strengths and reduce the risk that the interviewer will catch you off guard.

Ask them for feedback

Asking for your recruitment consultant’s feedback can help you to improve how you present yourself in future. If you’re interviewed, your recruitment consultant will talk to the interviewer about it after it has taken place. Most will call you to discuss the interview further – so you can make the most of this conversation by asking questions to ensure you get valuable feedback about your performance.


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