We believe in the power of a diverse global workforce that champions the right for people to be their true, authentic selves.

Helping organisations build more diverse teams and professionals have successful careers is part of our purpose to power people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential.

The Robert Walters Group has long been an advocate of diversity and inclusion. We believe a diverse workforce enables different views, opinions and ideas whilst mirroring the key stakeholders and customers all businesses work with.

Below you can find more information about our internal approach to diversity and inclusion along with an insight into how we supply our clients with diverse talent pools.

Delivering diverse talent pools for our clients

Robert Walters are committed to supporting the D&I strategies of our clients, we have designed our recruitment processes to ensure the talent pools we present are as diverse and inclusive as possible. 

Get insights from the experts

Our access to D&I and industry experts means we can offer outstanding thought leadership and insights, ensuring you can stay ahead of market trends. Explore our research library here.


How do we do it?

We have access to the world’s leading D&I processes and technology to ensure our clients are presented with a diverse selection of professionals judged only by experience. Find out how we do it.

Diversity and inclusion webinar​

We discuss on how female leaders have navigated the impact of COVID-19. Watch this video-on-demand for more.

Find out how we’re driving diversity within Robert Walters

We understand that a more diverse workforce brings with it different ideas and perspectives which helps drive productivity, creativity and innovation, delivering better results. View our D&I strategy, awards and accreditations below.

Partnering with leaders in D&I

Robert Walters partners with organisations and associations championing diversity and equality. We continually look for new opportunities and platforms to support and advocate on behalf of those who are striving to fulfil their unique potential.

How we’re facilitating change

Since we opened our doors in 1985, we have developed a culture that is built for everyone. We have a D&I strategy developed in partnership with our in-house experts and industry affiliates. 

Our Equality & Diversity Policy

Our policy exists to ensure that staff and candidates can be selected regardless of their individual characteristics.​

D&I news, articles and blogs

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Deep diving into the differences between diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not interchangeable terms. Diversity within an organization without inclusion is just many different people in the same place at the same time with no engagement or connection.

Tackling age bias

The impact of the global pandemic has impacted individuals and communities in different – and unequal – ways. The careers of older workers and younger workers are significantly more likely to have been impacted than the overall working population. The number of older workers has been increasing over recent years, but COVID-19 is forcing some workers to retire.