5 top ways to motivate your workforce

There are many advantages to having a motivated workforce including increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism and lower turnover levels. To get the most out of your employees, here are our top tips to motivate them at work.

1. Set clear and measurable goals

Every employee needs to know they are working towards something as it gives their job an overall purpose. Therefore, you should be working with your employees to set goals for them to achieve over a certain time frame; whether it be quarterly, bi-annually or yearly. These goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, recordable and timely.

2. Provide feedback

Once objectives have been set, you should be giving feedback regularly so that your staff knows how well they are matching against these goals. Providing feedback enhances engagement, particularly when the comments are positive. When delivering feedback that is slightly more negative, you should provide constructive improvement points to avoid de-motivating your employee.

3. Give your employees facetime

Every employee wants to feel valued and having access to your time will be a huge contributor to this. Investing your time into building relationships will develop a personal connection, which will help build trust and respect, and ultimately make your team members feel valued.

4. Promote a good work life balance

When your employees are happy, healthy and generally feeling great, they are more likely to produce their best work. You should aim to offer and promote employee benefit packages, considering things such as flexible working arrangements, healthcare benefits, reduced gym rates, and childcare arrangements.   

5. Ensure employees are fairly compensated

People should be paid for the work they do and if your employees feel underpaid and undervalued it could potentially lead to them eventually leaving the company altogether. Make sure you find a strategy that ensures compensation is not only fair but is also consistent and transparent. This will help gain employee trust and ultimately make them feel more valued.

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