Acquiring the skills and capabilities for companies to achieve ESG transformation

Interviewing the interviewer

ESG issues span all the environmental, social and governance issues that impact an organisation’s stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, suppliers, investors, community groups). In a nutshell, ESG priorities vary between organisations, and stakeholder expectations are always evolving, so companies need to access the right skills and resources at the right times.

Instead of requiring organisations to reinvent the wheel, ESG transformation requires acquiring people, skills and capabilities through a combination of sources.


Existing talent and knowledge

All workforces contain raw ingredients for ESG transformation. While few employees have decades of experience managing ESG issues, most of them possess transferable skills. Some specific ESG knowledge can be acquired through learning. Courses and accreditations are no longer confined to environmental scientists – most professions are upskilling their members for the ESG challenges that lie ahead.


Recruiting specialist talent

ESG is still an emerging area and there is a shortage of talent with experience of these transformations – but these people do exist. The trick is knowing where to find them. For example, at Robert Walters, we’ve helped companies source seasoned ESG expertise from:

- Sectors with mature ESG practices

- Private and NGO consultancies

- Graduates with specific ESG knowledge and qualifications

- Overseas talent with relevant experience relocating.



External partnerships can provide an injection of specialist skills and capabilities. For example, we’ve seen organisations successfully draw upon the expertise of industry peers, environmental consultancies, universities, government partners, charities and NGOs.This is one reason why we’re seeing a growing number of employers seeking candidates with proven collaboration and communications skills.



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