Retaining talent with CSR

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Interestingly, the topic of corporate social responsibility has emerged as a significant factor for some people in recent years. A global study covering nearly 95,000 workers throughout the world recently confirmed that an employer's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now crucial to attracting and retaining its workforce.

A socially responsible employer will not only benefit from a highly positive branding and corporate reputation, but the goodwill it builds with its robust corporate governance and activities can also attract, keep and develop human capital, keeping operations and staff morale high.

Money and job responsibilities aside, professionals today are looking for more rewarding aspects of their career. And companies are sitting up and noticing this – increasingly, talent retention has become a pressing issue for several organisations keen to retain and groom their key talent.

In China, some large multinational companies – particularly within the technology and retail luxury industries – do incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their day-to-day activity.


Attracting employees to join you

There is one particular retail luxury company in China that places a lot of emphasis on CSR, even though they may not necessarily provide leave for employees to do so. It is a top-down initiative with everyone getting involved.

This company donates actively to natural disaster victims in Japan and Haiti, and also have a project called Bali Bridges where they build schools and buy books for children.

Within China, this organisation also organises events to visit lower-income neighbourhoods to provide food and daily necessities for poorer families. This initiative has helped to attract Gen-Y employees as well as young adults to their company.


Motivating and bonding your employees

While it’s not common for many companies to provide such actual leave for employees to take part in CSR activities at the moment, taking a step to allow professionals to do so in the future will definitely motivate employees to participate in such meaningful work more actively.

With time given to perform CSR – and with the emphasis on CSR – employees are likely to feel more engaged and have something more to look forward to beyond their day-to-day job function.

When employees do CSR together, they are also likely to bond, which bodes well for team bonding efforts. Professionals are likely to feel more motivated to work for a company that they feel cares for the community; one that doesn’t just focus on making profit.


Hiring advice 

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